Recent Before & After Photos

A crazy fire turns this 2 story home into a dream home.

This two story home unfortunately suffered from a crazy fire. SERVPRO of highland / North Redlands helped clean up the home and restore it back to normal &ldquo... READ MORE

Remodeled Kitchen in the City of Highland.

Here is a before and after picture of a kitchen in Highland that suffered from severe water damages. SERVPRO of Highland/ North Redlands mitigated and reconstru... READ MORE

Small Leak, Big Problem.

Here at SERVPRO of Highland / North Redlands we understand how even the smallest water intrusion can cause big damage. When you work with our company rest assur... READ MORE

A kitchen floods in the city of Perris, CA.

This kitchen went from dry to total flood within seconds. Our customer was in her room relaxing when she noticed her feet were wet. when she walked towards her ... READ MORE

A Mold Infestation.

Yuck! might be what first popped into your head after seeing this. This is a bad case of mold damage. As you can see the mold moved from the tile and creeped it... READ MORE

A kitchen misfortune turns into a blessing for this homeowner.

When a home appliance breaks it's a pain, now if a home appliance breaks and causes a home disaster it's a panic! Our client was very upset to see her home floo... READ MORE

Home in Arrowhead Farms catches fire.

Arriving to a burning home is terrifying. What do you do? Who do you call for help? SERVPRO of Highland/ North Redlands should be your number one choice. This h... READ MORE

T-mobile Store Opens Up to a Flooded Store.

Imagine opening the doors to your business and the floor is flooded with water. That is exactly what happened to this T-mobile store. The restaurant next door w... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Highland, CA

This property suffered fire/ smoke damage caused by electrical malfunction that began in the son’s bedroom overnight. Thankfully, the family was able to m... READ MORE

Contents Pack Out & Pack Back

The Pack Out process is the first step in restoring your items to their best possible condition and must be done immediately after a water or fire damage has oc... READ MORE